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The Tiny Book of Pixar Quotes - Monsters Inc.

Created by Rachel Krueger


What a lovely storybook rug

The Walking DeadDaryl Dixon

TWD cast poses for a portrait at the Getty Images Portrait Studio powered by Samsung Galaxy at Comic-Con International 2014 

And if you hurt them in any way, I will kill you.

Disconnect and self destruct one bullet at a time,
What’s your hurry? Every man will have his day to die[x]

Andrew Lincoln
↳ Stuff, things: Photoshoots Part. 01/?


Added some red star “Christmas” lights to my bookshelf 


Frozen butterbeer in Diagon Alley! 🍺❤️


We’re shooting, stabbing, there’s not a walker in C block that we can’t slay

If we’re fighting, yeah we’ll find a way


I haven’t had a chance to show you guys my table yet have I? It’s a charity shop find and I love it so, so much.